Power of ICU Spotlight School
Fort Stockton Middle School
Fort Stockton, TX | Grades: 6-8 | Enrollment: 595

How They Started ICU
After Fort Stockton ISD was introduced to Power of ICU by Danny Hill in the spring of 2014, Fort Stockton Middle School started its first year of ICU in 2014-2015 in a section of the cafeteria at lunchtime with two lifeguards. They quickly realized the potential in giving students extra help and extra time to complete their assignments...and students responded!

In year one, the focus was on laying a foundation. Every student completed every assignment, and they also experienced a significant reduction in discipline referrals. In year two, they added more options for extra time/help, stressed better quality assignments, and improved grading practices. One effective logistical adjustment implemented was an ICU blitz before the end of each grading cycle. They also added a Chromebook station in order to provide extra time and extra help for digital assignments and Google Classroom. Now in year three, there is a continued focus on quality assignments and healthy grading practices, and assignment completion is now routine.

Their Brick House Build Includes Multiple Layers of Support

  1. ICU Crash Cart and Mobile Lab
  2. Classroom Teachers and Athletic Coaches
  3. Peer Tutors and Parents
  4. 3rd Period (RTI period) Lifeguard
  5. Lunch/Recess Lifeguards
  6. Guidance Counselors
  7. Administrators

Lunch/Recess Routine

  • Teacher places assignment in ICU crash cart.
  • Student goes straight to the front of the lunch line, gets tray, and heads to ICU.
  • Student is given work to complete during a “working lunch”. (A cart with supplies and Chromebooks is made available to students daily.)
  • Once work is completed, work is collected and the student returns to join his/her class at lunch or recess.
  • The Lifeguard returns the assignments to the teachers.


  • Students needing intensive interventions beyond what is available during the school day are placed on a calendar so that teachers who cover morning or afternoon ICU know who to expect.

Early Release Days

  • FSMS does a campus-wide blitz.
  • The ICU Lifeguard and any available faculty member work with students.
  • Once satisfactory work has been completed, students rejoin their classes.
What Staff and Students Have to Say...
"ICU has helped me a lot because I know if I don’t understand something, I can get help in ICU. I have a time and place to do it right." - 8th Grade Student
"I think ICU is a good idea because it makes me want to finish my work so during lunch I can sit with my friends." - 8th Grade Student
"Now I actually finish my work in class." - 6th Grade Student
"ICU has made the students accountable for completing their work, turning it in, and turning in better quality work than many have been accustomed. It doesn’t let them off the hook." - Instructional Coach
"ICU has turned into a motivator for students to strive to complete assignments, not just in a timely manner, but to also turn in work at a higher quality." - ELA Teacher
"Every Student Completes Every Assignment" is an Attainable and Measurable Goal
Learn More About the Power of ICU
The Power of ICU team's mission is to transform the education culture in America - to partner with schools, empower teachers, and build success for every student. We know that "every student completes every assignment" is an attainable and measurable goal. The Power of ICU is a proven formula for student success!
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