Ending the Year Right at FMS

Farmington Middle School has pushed for every student to complete every assignment and they have achieved this goal! This school will continue to improve and show students that when they complete the work, they LEARN! Congratulations on this achievement.


Jackson Jr High Ends With Zero Assignments

Jackson Jr. High School in Jackson Missouri ends the school year with a healthy grade book as all of the missing assignments have been collected. Students have shown that they are willing to learn and do the work. The motto of “the consequence for not doing an assignment, is doing the assignment” rings true at this school. This is an amazing accomplishment that requires everybody in the building to pull for students’ success. Great job!


Parents Love ICU, Too!

Here’s a letter from a parent’s perspective regarding the ICU approach.

“As a parent and teacher, ICU has been a lifesaver in terms of helping our daughters learn to be accountable for their learning.  Our school staff not only puts missing assignments or failing grades on the list, but extra practice is listed as well.  Sometimes that extra practice is what helps them get to the next level of learning. When we get the text saying there is an item on the ICU list, we are able to visit with them about the assignment and see what their plan is for getting their name off the list.

Thank you!

Wendy S.”

Hard Work at Farmington Middle School

Students are working hard at Farmington Middle School in Farmington, MO.

These students have come in on their own time to ensure they catch up on all of their missing work. They are working twice as hard to get them completed, but they want the burden of missing work to be lifted off their shoulders. Accountability and perseverance pays off at Farmington Middle!


Greenbrier Middle Zero Assignment Club

Another school achieving zero missing assignments!

The end of the school year is not quite at an end, and yet students at Greenbrier Middle School in Arkansas are ahead of the game and not waiting until the last minute to turn in missing assignments. This is truly a sign of a successful culture. Students and teachers will be able to end the school year with an empty plate! Keep up the amazing work!

Greenbrier middle

St. Clair Freshmen Success

Students and faculty at St. Clair High School now aim to a higher standard.

Let’s let the words from St. Clair High School’s Principal, Jennifer Davis, speak for themselves.

“It’s official! Due to our teachers’ hard work and dedication and your support, we have had a 85% decrease in the amount of freshmen Fs due to the fidelity of the implementation of ICU! The statistics don’t lie. In the 2016-17 first semester, there were 66 freshmen Fs. In the 2017-18 first semester, there were 10 freshmen Fs.  By the time our board meeting rolls around we will have met our goal of having every single freshmen with every assignment turned in for first semester! The reason being is WHEN students do their work, they learn. These grades aren’t inflated; they’ve been higher all year long per our freshmen teachers. We are ECSTATIC with the progress of our students and the dedication to this process by our teachers!  We are also proud to share that we’ve hit our highest completion rate yet at 95% for the building.”


Empty ICU Lunch Table at Gibbon High

Empty seats are a good thing when it comes to missing assignments.

One of the best ways to get students to turn missing assignments in is to ensure they get the proper help and one-on-one attention, on their time. When students are missing multiple assignments at Gibbon High School, they are assigned to eat lunch at a specified table with plenty of available resources to allow them to complete them. When this table is empty, students are succeeding!


Zero Missing Assignments at Hilltop Middle

Zero is the magic number that students at Hilltop Middle School in Ilwaco, WA aim to achieve.

The middle of the school year is a perfect time to reflect, reset, and re-energize, both for students and teachers alike. The perfect way to achieve this is to have nothing more left on your plate from the beginning of the year. Students can end the 1st semester with a feeling of accomplishment and can lift the weight of missing assignments off their shoulders. Teachers can end with a totally up to date grade book and will be able to more accurately measure student learning. Great job, Hilltop!

Hilltop Middle

Milestone at Watertown Middle

Over 2000 missing assignments were completed and it’s only halfway through the year!

Watertown Middle School in Watertown, SD has received 2000 missing assignments from students that would otherwise be a zero on the student’s report card. Even though it is only the middle of the school year, students are showing success by getting those assignments in before the end of the school year. This is an amazing accomplishment and a sign of good things to come to this school’s culture. Keep up the amazing work!

Watertown Middle

York Public Schools Focused on Learning

  • By Dr. Mitch Bartholomew – York Public Schools


At the start of the 2016-17 school year, York Public Schools implemented a process called ICU. ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is a process that holds students accountable for their work and focuses on teachers creating quality assignments. A key component of ICU is a school-wide database that tracks missing assignments. The database allows teachers, administrators, students and parents to communicate with each other about incomplete assignments. YPS has had tremendous success with ICU and has received numerous compliments from parents.

YPS needed the ICU process due to the number of assignments our students weren’t completing. For example, during the 2015-16 school year, York High School gave out nearly 4,000 zeros. These zeros were having a dramatic impact on students’ grades and were unintentionally reinforcing student apathy. Also, teachers were not able to determine if all students were learning the content being taught because many assignments were not completed.

 The idea behind ICU is to grade student learning, not punish students with grades and require all students to complete all assignments. Like many adults, some students will not meet deadlines. The ICU process requires students to create a plan for completion and allows teachers to require extra time and support for students.

Since we’ve implemented ICU, YHS has seen a dramatic increase in student achievement. During the 2016-17 school year, we saw nearly a 25 percent reduction to our weekly failure rate compared to 2015-16. Compared to the 2011-12 school year, we have seen nearly a 65 percent failure rate reduction. We’ve also seen a drastic reduction to the number of students enrolled in summer school for credit retrieval. At the end of the 2011-12 year, YHS had 127 students enrolled in at least one summer school class. During the 2016-17 school year, YHS only had seven students needing credit recovery.

The York High School staff is very proud of our student achievement numbers and our students. Many students have stepped up to the ICU challenge and are doing very well. As a staff, our next challenges include sustaining the ICU process, creating quality assignments and focusing on students that are repeatedly on the ICU list.