A Proven Formula for Student Success

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In his on-site one day presentation, Danny clearly articulates the Power of ICU formula which is

Assignment Completion + Quality Assignments + Healthy Grading Practices = Student Success

Teachers will be understandably skeptical during the Assignment Completion portion when he speaks confidently about getting all students to complete all assignments. Many are thinking, “But Danny, you don’t know some of our students.” The morning sessions focus on the powerful how and why the Power of ICU’s unique approach works. Danny believes teacher paradigm is the key to successful implementation and will adjust the pacing of the presentation if teachers need more explanation. However, challenging traditional paradigm with powerful analogies and common sense is his strength.


We now have overwhelming evidence that poor assignments/assessments and unhealthy grading practices demotivate many students and contribute to high failure rates. Every student completes every quality assignment in a Power of ICU school and student success is rampant. Take the first step in success by bringing Danny Hill to your campus.

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ICU Doctors Visit: Follow-Up Consultation

On-site full day check up to examine your school’s progress. Does your Lifeguard system need to be stronger? The answer is usually, yes, and Danny Hill will give you some easy to implement strategies that fit your school’s available resources. How many extra time/help options do you provide for your students? Without overwhelming you, Danny will hand you one or two simple ideas to expand this crucial area for improving student success. Having been a building level administrator for 24 years, he knows your plate is already full. He will help clean your plate of non-essentials so you will work smarter not harder. (also referred to as Coaching Visits)