Professional Development

Bring Danny Hill to your school or district!

Hear Danny clearly articulate the Power of ICU formula:

Assignment Completion + Quality Assignments + Healthy Grading Practices = Student Success

Teachers will be understandably skeptical during the Assignment Completion portion when he speaks confidently about getting all students to complete all assignments. Many are thinking, “But Danny, you don’t know some of our students.” The session will focus on the powerful how and why the Power of ICU’s unique approach works. Danny believes teacher paradigm is the key to successful implementation and will adjust the pacing of the presentation if teachers need more explanation. Challenging the traditional paradigm and “status quo” with powerful analogies and common sense is his strength.


We now have overwhelming evidence that poor assignments/assessments and unhealthy grading practices demotivate many students and contribute to high failure rates. Every student completes every quality assignment in a Power of ICU school and student success is rampant. Take the first step in success by bringing Danny Hill to your campus.

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Danny Hill

Danny Hill

Danny Hill is a nationally respected authority on student apathy and school culture. He has taught science, economics, history, health, and coached football and basketball. He served four years as a high school assistant principal in charge of student management and curriculum. Danny was appointed principal of Southside, a large K-8 school, where he remained for twenty years. Under his leadership, Southside grew into a highly respected school that enjoyed a positive reputation with the faculty, students, parents and community.

Danny has presented to over a million educators across the United States and is also a motivational speaker, teacher, author, and educational consultant. He co-founded and is chief manager of Power of ICU. He and his wife and family live in Middle Tennessee.

Power of ICU Workshop

Let the Power of ICU Team (Danny Hill along with other ICU practitioners) lead your school or district in a one or two-day workshop!

Hear Danny and his team clearly articulate the Power of ICU formula:

Assignment Completion + Quality Assignments + Healthy Grading Practices = Student Success

We will customize a workshop based on your school/district priorities and needs. Topics may include the Power of ICU formula, defeating student apathy,  the powerful how and why of the Power of ICU’s unique approach, building layers of support, improving the quality of assignments and assessments, cleansing toxic grading practices, mastering the ICU Database, addressing learning loss, among many other options.  Learn from actual educators from various grade levels from various schools in the ICU network with keynote presentations by Danny Hill. Contact us today to develop a workshop that will leave a lasting impact on your teachers, school, and district.

Online Course

Online Professional Learning from the Power of ICU

The Power of ICU Online Learning Library Presents, GRADE CLEANSE:

Grade Cleanse presents a six-step process to uncover what lies within traditional grading practices so that you can reflect, make changes, and improve! This unique approach allows you to move at your own pace. Grading can be a meaningful process that supports reflection and growth. Cleansed grades are healthy grades, and healthy grades support learning! Participants who complete this course will be issued a Power of ICU Professional Development Certificate (12 hours).

Individual Enrollment | 12-Hour PD Certificate | Access for One Year | $75

Contact us about school or district pricing.